Publisher's Clearing House | The Naked Truth about PCH authored by Long Island author Darrell Lester | Senior Vice President of Publisher's Clearing House

The PCH Story

This is the only book ever written about the legendary sweepstakes giant!

Although Publishers Clearing House is a household name and a part of American pop culture, no one — not the news media, the consumer, nor the business community — knows the true story of the company known as the granddaddy of sweepstakes. Even the company's employees were kept in the dark about what transpired inside those private, teak-lined hallways.

This isn't a book about the well-known public face of PCH; rather, it's the inside account of what really happened as the mom-and-pop business rocketed to extraordinary success, collapsed to the brink of extinction, and rose from the ashes to become the only company remaining in their marketplace. The story includes a host of fascinating facts and revelations including insider secrets and personal anecdotes that are being disclosed for the very first time.

I wrote The Naked Truth despite the threat of a lawsuit by my former company, although I found it unnerving to have their in-house legal counsel, a Harvard law graduate, responding to the publishing of my book like an 800-pound gorilla. However, I spent half my life at PCH, and there was simply no one else alive who could have penned this unique story... and it was just too good a tale for it to be lost forever.


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