Publisher's Clearing House | The Naked Truth about PCH authored by Long Island author Darrell Lester | Senior Vice President of Publisher's Clearing House

The PCH Story

This is the only book ever written about Publishers Clearing House!

Although Publishers Clearing House is a household name and a part of American pop culture, no one — not the news media, the consumer, nor the business community — knows the true story of the company known as the granddaddy of sweepstakes. Even the company's employees were kept in the dark about what transpired inside those private, teak-lined hallways.

The Naked Truth was written by a retired executive who worked at PCH for 30 years, and all of the company's secrets and inner-workings are revealed in Mr. Lester's book.

You'll find out how a company that started in the basement of the founder's home became one of the most profitable private companies in the country, why results imploded after 50 years of growth, and how the once all-powerful direct marketer handled an avalanche of lawsuits and negative publicity. In addition to the fascinating business story, the author tells many comical anecdotes of a wild management team and an adventurous Prize Patrol, along with behind-the-scene tales of unsuspecting prize winners.

The provocative and never-before-told saga of Publishers Clearing House has been called one of the greatest marketing stories of the 20th century, and will be enjoyed by the general public, the business community, and sweeps and lottery enthusiasts alike.


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